Learning / Teaching/ Training Activities

C1. Focus Group: This meeting will be hosted by Middlesex University Business School in London to develop the educational approach of the project, combining the use of the upgraded platform as well as teaching events and seminars.   Leader partner MDX, participating partners: all. Month 12.

C2. Pilot seminar:  This meeting, hosted in Ravenna will articulate the material needed for teaching and training activities. Leader partner FF, participating partners: all. Month 18.

C3. First Seminar:  It will take place in Kalamata, Greece, organized by the Maniatakeion Foundation. Leader partner MF, participating partners: all. Month 24.

C4. Second Seminar: It will take place in Paphos, organized by Neapolis University, Paphos. Leader partner NUP, participating partners: all. Month 28.

C5. Third Seminar:  It will take place in Chania, organized by TUC. Leader partner TUC, participating partners: all. Month 32

C1. Focus Group

    INHERIT partner Midlessex University Business School, UK  organises a focus group on Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage on 31st of October - 4th November in  London, UK. You can download the program here and campus map here.


    C2. Pilot seminar

      C3. First Seminar

        C4. Second Seminar

          C5. Third Seminar