Welcome to InHeriT

InHeriT: Promoting Cultural Heritage as a Generator of Sustainable Development is a joint interdisciplinary international ERASMUS+ project aiming to increase public awareness on the economic value of built cultural heritage and its crucial role in generating regional and local development.

Its objectives will be attained by the following means:     

  • Creating a platform as an interactive tool for information and communication.
  • Evaluating and assessing relative international good practices.
  • Developing material that will be useful for training individuals in cultural heritage in general and related social entrepreneurship initiatives in specific.
  • Customising the pedagogical material by allowing its adaptivity to different local contexts.
  • Organising seminars and hands-on workshops, together with open lectures and on-line videos for deepening as well as disseminating project outputs.

Inherit partners are the Technical University of Crete School of Architecture [GR] (coordinator), the University of Athens Department of Economics [GR], the Middlesex University Business School [UK], the Maniatakeion Foundation [GR], the Neapolis University of Pafos School of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences [CY], the Center for Mediterranean Architecture (KEPPEDIH-CAM) of the Municipality of Chania [GR] and the Fondazione Flaminia at Ravenna [IT].

Assistant Professor Iakovos Rigos is heading the project and Adjunct Lecturer Nikolas Patsavos is the project manager. The project is regulated by IKY.

InHeriT Partners