Intellectual Output

The project will start with a survey of best practices at global level of cultural heritage based sustainable development and of how opportunities and challenges were addressed. Project partners will apply this knowledge to survey local context in 3 case studies (regions of Chania, Pafos & Messinia). Then, partners will develop educational material for skill development, entrepreneurship strategies, institutional initiatives and public awareness. The resulting integrated framework of practice for a cultural heritage based sustainable development model will be the major output of the project to be disseminated across the EU.

The following intellectual outputs will be gradually prepared and publicly shared:

Web Platform: Upgrading and expanding the StartApp Cultural Entrepreneurship Platform developed by Fondazione Flaminia. Time frame:  months 1-36. Milestone event: Platform upgrade available on month 12, may be accessed at .

OUTPUT O2: Cultural Heritage as Economic Value: Economic Benefits, Social Opportunities, and Challenges of Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Development – A book of Best Practices: Lead partner 2, contributing partners 7, 4, 1. Time frame:  months 7- 18.

OUTPUT O4: Local Context Studies using the model of “Cultural District”. Lead partner TUC, contributing partners all. Time frame: months 9-16.

OUTPUT O5: Programme Educators Methodology Manual. A detailed manual to be used by educators teaching at Seminars and Teaching events . Lead partner NUP, contributing partners TUC, UOA, MDX. Time frame: months 16-24.

OUTPUT O6: Promoting Cultural Heritage as a Generator of Sustainable Development – Course Book. This will include all the pedagogical material produced by the project. They will be used by educators in learning/teaching events and will also will be available to the wider public. Lead partner TUC, contributing partners UOA, MDX and NUP. Time frame: months 16-24.

O2_ Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development: A Book of Best Practices

Cultural Heritage as an Economic Value: Positions, Texts, Context

Ο5_ Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development: an educators handbook