Multiplier Events

E1. Athens Conference: Cultural Heritage as Economic Value_ Economic Benefits, Social Opportunities, and Challenges of Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Development. This event will be organized in Athens, Greece and will present and opportunity to publicly diffuse the work related to the homonymous first InHeriT intellectual output. Lead partner MF, participating partners: all. Month 9.

E2. Chania Conference: A conference where project participants will present and discuss project results with other professionals from the international community. It will take place in Chania. Lead partner KEPPEDIH-KAM, participating partners: all. Month 32.

E3. Press Conference:  A press conference at the end of the project will present the project value added, in the form of project outputs and expected results to the media and the general public. It will take place in Athens. Lead partner UOA, participating partners: all. Month 36.