Interview of Professor G. Mergos. He discusses the development aspects of cultural heritage, InHeriT and its latest conference in Athens. The interview is in Greek.

InHeriT Conference Presentations and Discussions, Athens May 2016

2. Opening: Vicky Inglezou, Maniatakeion Foundation, Coordinator, Organising Committe

3. Opening: George Mergos, University of Athens, Greece, Mediterranean Center for Food Security and Sustainable Development, Chairman of Scientific Committee

4. Opening: Kostas Tsiampaos, Coordinator of DOCOMOMO, Greece, NTUA

5. Opening: Georgios Damaskos on behalf of Emmanouil Panagiotakis, Chairman and CEO of Public Power Corporation SA, Greece

6. Opening: Anastasia Mpelogianni (Kalamata 21 - Candidate City for European City of Culture) on behalf of Panagiotis Nikas, Mayor of Kalamata, Greece

7. Keynote Lecture: Mario Aymerich, European Investment Bank, Luxenburg, "Toward an integrated approach to funding cultural heritage for Europe. Contribution by the European Investment Bank to funding Cultural Heritage projects"

8. Session A: Graham Bell, North of England Civic Trust, UK, "Euros are not the only fruit-Reaping the full harvest of Cultural Heritage"

9. Session A: Eleni Maniataki on behalf of Lina Mendoni, National Research Foundation, Greece, "Cultural Heritage: Investing in the future"

10. Session A: Dana Arnold, Middlesex University London, UK, "The cultural landscape and public space from a transnational perspective"

11. Session A: Discussion "Cultural Heritage as Economic Value: Global Challenges"

12. Session B: Harry Coccossis, University of Thessaly, Greece, "Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: The Challenges"

13. Session B: Andrea Nanetti, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Athens and Koroni 2009. "The Maniatakeion inception of the ‘Historical Memory and Economic Development’ discourse"

14. Session B: Maria Grazia Marini, Ravenna Municipality, Italy, "Cultural Heritage in Dialogue and Cultural Identity: Ancient and Contemporary Mosaic in Ravenna"

15. Session B: Discussion "The Socio-economic Development Potential of Cultural Heritage"

16. Session C: Stavroula-Villy Fotopoulou, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece, "Intangible Cultural Heritage, Local Knowledge and Sustainable Management of Cultural Assets and Environmental Recourses"

17. Session C: Eva Stegmeijer, Cultural Heritage Agency, Netherlands and Joks Janssen, Wageningen University and Research Center, "Netherlands Heritage as sector, factor, and vector: conceptualizing the shifting relationship between heritage and spatial planning"

18. Session C: Ioannis Pissourios and Michalis Sioulas, Neapolis University Pafos, "Cyprus Cultural heritage and spatial planning: the Integrated Urban Development Plan of Paphos Municipality"

19. Session C: Discussion"Cultural Heritage in the Context of Economic Development Policy and Planning"

20. Session D: Ioannis Karavas, Aluminium Of Greece SA, "From a prototype industrial settlement towards a new model for regional and local development: the case of Aspra Spitia"

21. Session D: Maria Mavroeidi on behalf of Emmanuil Panagiotakis, Chairman and CEO of Public Power Corporation SA , Greece, "People, buildings, machines–recomposing the past, looking forward to the future: The contribution of the Public Power Corporation (PPC S.A.) in preserving and promoting industrial heritage in Greece"

22. Session D: Christodoulos Ringas, Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, Greece, "Sustainability in cultural management: the Case of Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation (PIOP)"

23. Session D: Nikolas Patsavos, Amalia Kotsaki, Panita Karamanea, Dimitris Rotsios, Technical University of Crete, Greece, "Development opportunities in the context of agricultural industry heritage: The case of Pyrgos, Peloponnese"

24. Session D: Discussion, "Industrial Heritage Governance and Management"

Adaptive Reuse Architectural Exhibition - 2018 Chania Sustainable Heritage Week

Our conference on Adaptive Reuse of Architectural Heritage and its prospective contribution to a sustainable future will be taking place at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture in Chania on Sunday 3rd of June and Monday 4th of June. Two specialised open sessions, one dedicated to architectural pedagogies (Sunday) and one on regional, national and european policies frameworks and actions (Monday). Our conference also enjoys the contribution from 10 participating institutions engaged with architecture and culture. They are exhibiting, in 120 posters presentations, their approach to the sustainable future of cultural heritage. The exhibition will be open to the public. Thank you School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens Department of Architecture University of Thessaly Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of ArchitectureΠανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων Frederick University Cyprus Neapolis University Pafos Abu Dhabi University (ADU) Patras School of Architecture Ctrl_Space Lab πηλΟίκο - piliko team. We will be seeing all of you and your inspiring work in Chania!

Starting from Tuesday 29th of May, our 3rd Local Seminar on Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage will be taking place with the participation of all InHeriT partners as well as representatives from a series of distinguished local institutions and associations-all important local and regional stakeholders in the field of cultural heritage and development.

All the above define the content of our #SustainableHeritageWeek in Chania, an event awarded with the #2018EuropeanYearofCulturalHeritagesign.
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